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Guided Fly Fishing Horsefly River & Mitchell River, BC

What happens when the world's deepest fjord lake is fed by wild rivers hosting prolific Sockeye salmon runs?

A trophy British Columbia Rainbow trout river fishery!

The presence of Sockeye salmon in the Quesnel Lake watershed produces spectacular fly fishing opportunities for large Rainbow trout. While our rivers have large stonefly and caddis hatches, it is the enormous spawning Sockeye runs which provide the building blocks for an absolutely great Rainbow habitat.

Our river fly fishing season extends from mid-June to mid-October. Expect excellent dry fly action in July as large 'bows, held over in the rivers after their own spring spawning, lie in wait for the arrival of the Sockeye. By early August the first of these Sockeye will start filtering into the rivers followed by big numbers of large Quesnel Lake Rainbows. These aggressive trout are here to gorge themselves on nymphs (dislodged from the river bottom by spawning salmon), eggs, and eventually decaying salmon flesh.

What does this all mean to the angler? It means that this is your best chance and best time to catch trophy Rainbow in a wild British Columbia river!

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Rainbow Waters Fly fishing guides in the Cariboo region of British Columbia, Canada. Complete guided packages for trophy Rainbow Trout on rivers, creeks, and stillwaters. BC wilderness jet boat trips and drifts in the Quesnel Lake, Horsefly River & Mitchell River ecosystem in the Cariboo Mountains.

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